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Child care professionals explain what your child learns from you

Posted on 11-27-2014


An infant’s early years are highly impressionable and your baby is likely to begin observing, learning, and imitating you before you even realize it. Providing the best example for your child is important to his or her early development. Here is some further information about how and what an infant learns from parents during these impressionable years:

Imitation is critical to learning

Although we are all born with instincts, natural feelings will not replace pure learning by example. Learning by example is a vital part of growing up and developing into a healthy adult. There are thousands of lessons that a parent often overlooks during this important time, and this is precisely why the skill of imitation is so critical. An infant will pick up skills from watching and imitating his or her parents, even without the active participation of the parents.

Some choose to observe

Although we do place a lot of emphasis on imitation as a vital part of learning, your child will also learn through observation. This is also a completely natural way of learning about how to be a person, although research has shown that hands-on learning is, in fact, more effective than observing.

Regardless of how your child chooses to learn during the impressionable early years, you will need to be a positive example in your baby’s life. Your infant can learn many of the essential parts of life that a parent may sometimes simply forget to teach just by watching and imitating.

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